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E4DS, or Excellence 4 Dexter Students, is a community-led 501(c)(3) non-profit that was founded in 2015 to ensure educational excellence by financially supporting Dexter Community Schools despite the volatility in state funding. E4DS has been able to fund programming, camps, and additional teachers. 

Board Members

Elise Bruderly (President)

Melissa Wirkner (Treasurer)    

Amy Thursam (Secretary) 

Mara Greatorex (Board of Education)

Christopher Timmis (Superintendent of Schools)

Ashley Brant (Trustee)      

Melissa Grusche (Trustee) 

Melissa Joy (Trustee)

Casey Liska (Trustee) 

Will Liska (Trustee)  

Abby O'Haver (Trustee)

Nina Plasencia (Trustee)

Rebecca Reed (Trustee)

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